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Joyous Springtime

March 26, 2009 - 2:38 pm 2 Comments

Today is a beautiful day!!! The sun is shining and it’s about 70 degrees… I love it. I am not a winter person in the least. Cold weather and rain are not my friends. I wish it was spring and summer all year long. I just started feeling better finally so I have been taking Trixie on walks the past couple days. It’s so funny, as soon as I say the word ‘walk’ she has a spaz attack and does 360′s in the air. She is only 5 1/2 lbs but she sure can drag me along when we walk. After being couped up inside for so long I made sure to pay attention to all the beautiful sites and sounds around me. With the sun blaring down on my back and warming my face Trix and I set out to walk to the park next to our house. The park is huge with many baseball fields, a playground and endless green grass. The grass had just been cut and I absolutely adore the smell of fresh cut grass.. ahhh.. reminds me of high school track meets. The trees and flowers are radiant yellows, reds and greens and the ground was littered with pink blossoms. It is quite windy today so Trixie enjoyed chasing after the leaves skidding across the path. The park is right next to an elementary school so I could see hear the cries of children at recess and the clanging of the chains on the metal tetherball poles. I listened to the birds chirping, the leaf blowers and lawn sprinklers. Sometimes I think we forget to pay attention to the beauty around us. Warm spring days are truly amazing and I’m so thankful I got the chance to enjoy it today. Challenge yourself to really pay attention to everything around you. It puts things in perspective. Ok ok, I’ll cut out the serious crap now. Time to go chase my dogs around. We like to have dance parties. I turn on a dancy CD and dance around. The dogs dance too… or rather they run around in circles and bark. I think they think they are singing and dancing. They love it. We could probably do like a circus act or something. I could even make them costumes. I love costumes. They’re not just for halloween you know. I tend to make themes for everything… and themes need costumes. Like when I watch House Bunny, I wear bunny ears… or once I went to the Indian casino… and I wore a t-shirt with an Indian feather design on it. When I watch high school musical, I like to wear my I Heart HSM tee. Hence, even my wedding has a theme.. a tea party. I love when Justin tells people our wedding is going to be a tea party… haaaa …. it takes a real man to be ok with telling his friends that. I think secretly he is starting to like themes too.

Deathbed Journal Entry

March 20, 2009 - 11:05 am 1 Comment

Day 4 of being deathly ill… ok, not deathly but probably close. I have some type of rare extraordinary flu I think. I hope some African spider or the brown recluse didn’t bite me or that I don’t have the bird flu. Hmmm.. there have been a lot of birds hanging around our backyard lately.. must of been setting their sites on me. They were just waiting for me to come out back to drag Max away from the fence where he tries to break a hole into the neighbors backyard to eat their dog. And now I’m hacking away doped up on DayQuil. Or maybe its bronchitis and my lungs are about to burst with so much flem that I might need an IV or some other medical device to save me (as long as it’s not a catheder). Since Tuesday I have laid on the family room couch watching movies and countless hours of tv. I may actually be getting tired of tv, which is really quite wierd. I wore the same clothes for three days migrating between my bed and the couch. My body is forever going to be imprinted in the cushions. Being sick has some advantages though… Justin took me to frozen yogurt two days in a row, he brought me chicken noodle soup and organic pomagranite juice, and gave me a get well card. I might consider being sick more often. So today I had to go to work. I am in a dark dark place. Work+sick=horrible horridness. My head is pounding, I feel like I am swallowing razor blades, I’m about to cough up a lung and my glands are so swollen they are stretching out my turtleneck. I may even be hallucinating.. is that a soft bed of goose down feathers I see out my window? No, its just a jumble of weeds and ivy. Is that a giant cup of warm herbal tea and a piece of buttered toast? Nope… Just a garbage can and a broken down cardboard box. I suppose I can suffer through 8 hours of work today. Staring a the computer through my blurred vision and answering the phone with my scratchy stuffed-up sick voice. I’m absolutely brave I know. Please feel free to feel sorry for me. I welcome gifts, cards and prescription meds ( just kidding).

Wedding Planning Update

March 17, 2009 - 10:45 am 1 Comment

This was originally supposed to be a wedding blog, but wedding stuff just isn’t as exciting as our fabulous lives.. lol. I figure I should give some wedding planning updates though. I have been working away with the help of my wonderful mother and fiance on the invites. Yes they are homemade, very Martha I know. I am just finishing up the last few and they will be on their way to all of you! (did you see that rhyming? I didn’t even try!) Please feel free to frame the picture of us and put it on the center of your mantle, we don’t mind. Also, I need to give the credit to my dad for taking amazing engagement photos out at Griffith Quarry. Besides the prom style and school photo pics he made us pose for, he did take excellent pictures (It may also have been the professional camera he borrowed, but hey, maybe not). I would also like to point out that I hiked miles around the quarry in 5 inch heels, that is talent people. I’m thinking of doing one of those marathons in heels that they have. I could so kill it. Ok, back to the wedding… my kitchen table is currently wedding station covered in invites, paper and a surplus of flowers. We haven’t been able to eat at it for about a month. Justin suggested I set it up in the office at my desk. Hello! There is no TV in there, how can I watch the home and garden channel while I pretend to be Martha? Why would I want to sit in a boring old office. I pretty much am so ready for this wedding to happen. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a wedding planner, I don’t particularly enjoy it. I keep telling Justin that we still have time to elope but he still won’t give in. Oh well… we got a month and a half left of this joyous (it’s opposite day) planning…

Birthday News

March 9, 2009 - 11:16 am 2 Comments

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIXIE! Our little princess turned 1 yesterday! Yay! We sung to her and she got some dog cookies complete with sprinkles. She is growing up so quickly! She got spayed this last week and is already running around like nothing happened. For some reason as she gets older, her potty training goes backwards.. haaa. Yesterday she left a little present for dad on the nice living room couch. Thats a first. Next weekend we want to have a joint birthday party for her and Hartwin, he turns 3 on Monday. Love you Trixie!

Me + Jazz Music = Please No

March 9, 2009 - 11:07 am 1 Comment

How does everyone feel about jazz music? I pretty much cannot stand it. I try to have an open mind and appreciate all types of music but jazz just isn’t doing it for me. Many of the offices I work in play jazz all day.. like the office I happen to be in at the moment. It’s giving me an anxiety attack. Maybe it’s the fact that they play this stuff at the dentist that’s freakin’ me out. I keep imagining being at the dentist and hearing that terrifying whirl of the drill. And with my candy dependency, I visit the dentist quite often. My teeth must be like 75% made up of fillings or some ridiculous percentage. Anyways, back to jazz. Why do they call it jazz anyhow, I took many years of jazz dance classes, and we never listened to this rubbish. Or jazz hands and jazz squares, those are fun. So why did they name this horrid music such a fun dancy name. I actually just heard a song that I preformed a cha cha dance to back in the day. Yes, I did the cha cha… it was for the Church Dance Festival. A swing dance performance followed by a little cha cha number. Ha ha, I know this is funny to all of you, but I’m actually more mortified about my talent show dance performance of Britney Spears Stronger… or my rendition of a dance number from Dirty Dancing complete with the running leap into the air at the end. Now those are memories to be embarrassed about! Humiliating memories that my dad happens to have all on video. Thanks dad.

Funny Note of the Day

March 3, 2009 - 3:32 pm 3 Comments

Yesterday Justin was wearing a pink Barbie bandaid on his finger…. we do have regular bandaids too… hmmm…wonder if it was the pink or the Barbie..

Managing Addiction

March 3, 2009 - 3:26 pm 6 Comments

What is my addiction you ask? Not cigarettes, I’m not a raging alcoholic and definitely not addicted to shopping (ok, maybe shopping but I’m not ready to confront that yet). Candy is the real issue here people. I’m not joking either. This is serious stuff. I sadly have to admit I even have a designated “candy drawer” in my kitchen.. and it is never empty. Some folks crave cakes and cookies and chocolate cream pies, but no, I crave any and all candy that is sweet, sour, chewy or hard. I pretty much cannot take a trip to the grocery store, gas station or craft store (yes they have candy there) without buying atleast a pack of starburst or a bag of jelly belly’s. Yesterday I was working in Auburn and on my lunch break I stopped at the Savemart to grab a healthy snack. I ventured down the card aisle, planning on getting Justin a nice “thinking of you” or “love you honey” card. My eyes scanned the left side of the aisle at all the cards and then I happened to glance to the right side. Big mistake. It was the EASTER CANDY row. For some reason, Easter has exceptionally good candy. It seems all holidays are based on various sweet delicious treats and candies but Easter in particular has quite the variety. Maybe it’s because most of it is pastel pink and baby yellow and my biological clock is ticking so anything that reminds me of babies makes me want it. So instead of getting a card for Justin, I just got candy… 4 large bags. I mean, I had to get the chicks and bunnies that are like circus peanuts, the sweettart ducks and bunnies and the sweettart gummy sugared bunnies, and of course the pastel candy corn. I got home last night and poured two bags into bowls and placed them on the counter so atleast I wouldn’t be tempted to hide the bags in my nightstand and hog them all for myself (I do this sometimes). Justin just laughs but I swear I saw him searching “candy rehab centers” online. It’s not like I have a problem, I just can’t stop eating it and I don’t want to. Besides God, family and friends its totally brings true happiness (and cavities, darn) to life. Have you ever seen someone eating candy frowning? I think not.

Big News!

March 1, 2009 - 3:45 pm 1 Comment

Ok, everyone calm down. It’s not that big of news. I didn’t win the lottery, didn’t get a new puppy and I certainly didn’t get chosen to star in a new sitcom, “The Real Housewives of Rocklin” (I’m really crossing my fingers on that one). No, I’d like to announce that I joined Facebook! Hooray! This is a big step for me. I swore I would never get pulled into the obsession with online networking sites like myspace. I don’t understand why anyone would want the whole world to know every mundane detail about your life. Facebook however, is fabulous. You can regulate who can view your profile and personal information, therefore, “saving the drama for your mama”… and the select few friends you want to glimpse into your life. It’s only been 3 days and I’m already hooked. I even have like 30 friends… I might mention that 28 of them are family, but hey, it’s my third day. So, last Thursday night I signed up for it, and Friday morning I went to login. You know what happened? Our internet connection had turned off. We are in the process of changing providers so now I would be without my precious internet and new network of Facebook friends for probably a week. I think I had a mild panic attack. No, no, this can’t be right! I need my internet! So I did what any loyal facebooker would do in a crisis…. I found the nearest library, got a new library card and got an hour of internet time on the community computer. It was a little wierd to have all these people around me able to view my screen, I mean, a little privacy people. That’s why they have security settings on Facebook to begin with, so you creepies can’t peer over my shoulder and see my address. Ugg.. Anyways, I think Justin laughed for a full five minutes when I told him I was so desperate for internet that I went to the local library. He was kind enough to borrow a laptop from his parents house for my use. Oh, and as far as how I am writing this post on the internet right now, I am currently “borrowing” a wireless connection from Wade. Whoever you are Wade, thanks. You saved my life, or atleast the next week until my new wireless router shows up. I would send him a thank you card but I’m not sure which neighbor he is…