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4 More Days!

April 28, 2009 - 11:26 am 2 Comments

I can’t believe in less than a week I will be married! So crazy! The funny thing is I’m not nervous at all. Ok, maybe I am a little worried about crying way to much and not even being able to see, but besides that, I’m good. For some reason I decided to work the first three days of this week. Why oh why did I think I would want to do that. Instead of helping pass the time it is making time move in slow motion! I have so much to do, how will I accomplish it in only two day! There’s my hair appt, my nails appt, my eyebrow wax, and of course packing for the honeymoon will take like 4 hours! I mean, we are going to Kauai for 11 days, I need lots of choices and every one of my 25 bathing suits. Plus the rehearsal. Weddings are exhausting! Justin has nothing to do except pack… guys get it so easy. It will take him like 20 minutes to get ready for the biggest day of our lives and I don’t even want to think about how long it take me! Take note people, eloping is a totally acceptable way to go! Anyways, all our guests, please map quest the addy of the wedding, it can get confusing. Oh, and as a special treat, one of our dog children will be in the wedding… don’t you love people that treat their dogs like humans? I do.

Update on last post

April 23, 2009 - 12:05 pm 1 Comment

So, I ended the last post stating that I was ok with waiting to get another dog…. well, I suppose I should admit to something. Yesterday I was talking to my sister’s boss and she said she had seen the German Shepherd at the SPCA the day before. She said it was very well behaved and beautiful! oh crap. So, I started feeling bad again and couldn’t stand the thought of that poor puppy not having a family. So, not surprisingly I drove to the SPCA and waited 20 minutes outside until they opened. I was ready to take the dog home with me that second. I knew Justin would be kinda mad, but I just couldn’t justify not letting the dog join our family. Unfortunately they said the dog was pending adoption. I was crushed. Honestly I was almost in tears. What if his new family isn’t a good one? What if they leave him in the backyard all day and don’t have dog dance parties like my dogs and I do? What if they don’t sneak him jelly beans, get him a Coach collar and let him be in their family Christmas photo like I do? I called Justin on my way back home and he was overjoyed that he was pending adoption but not too thrilled that I planned on having a new dog at our house when he got home from work. Boo. So, I sent an email to the SPCA letting them know that if the adoption didn’t go through I absolutely wanted him. I hope the other people change their mind. I’m crazy I know….don’t worry, I made sure to disclose this to Justin before we get married.

Justin’s Anxiety Attack

April 14, 2009 - 4:04 pm 2 Comments

Justin likes to tell me that I’m losing my mind. This post is just another example of this… sometimes I think he’s right. Last Saturday a lady came to our door with a name tag on that read “SPCA Volunteer”. Oh boy, anything with the SPCA and me is trouble. She proceeded to tell me that she lives down the street and has seen us with our German Shepherds many times and thinks that we take great care of them. Ok, where is she going with this I start thinking. Well, a new little 5 month old purebred German Shepherd has turned up at the SPCA she then informed me. She was wondering if we were interested in another dog!? Oh boy, oh geezo. I quickly calculate in my head that would mean I would be responsible for 4 dogs… all 3 and under. Then, the volunteer tried to lure me in more with photos of the puppy on her camera. Oh my gosh, cutest little guy ever. I glance around the corner at Justin who is desperately trying to hold the other dogs back from mauling the lady. I put that pleading look in my eye and look at him, silently begging. have to have this puppy. I let her know we will think about it and discuss it. I immediately decide that I have to go and get this poor dog right that instant. That volunteer came to our house, to us, for a reason. It is meant to be Justin, I keep telling him. He starts to sweat and starts mumbling incoherently. It’s ok honey, we can handle it, I will take care of it I plead, 3 is totally the same as 4! He tries to tell me that he can’t possibly walk 3 dogs at once while riding his bike, plus all the training he does with our other dogs. This is just nonsense I think. I inform him that I will be going to the SCPA and getting the dog even if he won’t come with me. I even try to talk him into going and atleast looking at it… he doesn’t fall for this trick. He knows if I we go see it, we will be bringing it home. At this point, I don’t think Justin knows what to say, he knows I have my mind set. “I think I’m having an anxiety attack” stumbles out of his mouth. He is dead serious at this point. It sounds funny now but at the time he didn’t think it was too humurous. Unfortunately the SPCA closed at 4 that day, and the lady didn’t come over until about 3:55. I have since decided to wait to get another dog, atleast until after the wedding. That was a close one, Justin says… if that volunteer would of come any earlier that day, and I had time to go over there, right now we would have a cute new puppy at home, probably eating our couch. So if any volunteers are reading this for animal shelters or rescues, please come to my house or call before you close for the day! I don’t like to sleep on things…


April 6, 2009 - 3:54 pm 2 Comments

4 weeks to go! Glory Glory Hallelujah! I can’t wait to be promoted to wife and no longer just a girlfriend. Girlfriends are like managers and wives are like the boss or CEO. Maybe I will call myself the CEHO, “Chief Executive Household Officer”. I may just get some business cards made up for that. I plan on being a stay-at-home mom with the bus load of children I want. Do not expect me to be driving a minivan though. Heck to the no. I’m a SUV kinda mom. I’m not super picky on which one, as long as it has navigation. Although my current car, a BMW, has a navigation system that likes to mess with me. My sister and I took a road trip to San Diego last year and listened to good ol’ Bonnet (yes we named her.. it started as Bonnie, then went to Bonnet head, now shortened to Bonnet). After the whole way down to SD we were pretty sick of listening to her tell us directions every 5 seconds. Even when you turn her voice volume to the lowest setting she still is practically screaming at you. On the way home we decided to turn the voice commands off. So, being the blonde that I am I accidently got on the wrong highway and somehow ended up heading towards San Francisco, almost two hours going the wrong way. It was funny for about 30 minutes… but became very not funny after 11 hours of driving. Jess and I swear Bonnet was mad we turned her voice off so she let us go the wrong way. Pretty rude huh. Sometimes she directs me to drive in circles too. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for an Edward Jones office I was supposed to be oncalling at and Bonnet told me to get off the freeway in Sacramento, make a few loops through some neighborhoods and then get back on the freeway in the opposite direction. She can be quite horrible. And I am one of those people that need directions to everywhere. When I first got my license I would get lost in my own town. And don’t bother with the north and south stuff… that is like Japanese to me. The location of our wedding is kinda confusing if you are not from our town so I will be sure to write directions on a post for those of you without navigation and for those of you with navi’s like Bonnet.