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My Campaign for the Whole Closet

June 17, 2009 - 2:09 pm 1 Comment

Closet space… a girls best friend. A place a girl can go to admire all her pretty soft clothes and shiny heels. A place to hang all your necklaces, scarfs and hats and even a picture of your idol Lady Gaga (maybe thats just me). I’m fortunate enough in this world of micro closets and pipe dreams based off MTV Cribs and the Real Housewives on the Bravo channel, to have a decent sized closet. But… and of course there is a but, my husband shares it with me. After consulting other women on this matter, most tell me they simply put their husbands clothes in another closet. Do I dare? I mean, my poor Juicy Couture track suits are getting squished and I can barely pull a hanger out. I have shirts I haven’t seen in months because they are trapped in the back. I can’t even fit my dresses or cute jackets and plaid blazer in there at all, they are hidden in the office closet. Should I have to take this closet abuse another day? My beloved shoes, my best friends, are crammed and squeezed in all the nooks and stacked around like a garage sale. I pride myself on having the whole closet (including Justin’s side) color coordinated and it gets all ruined by the shoe explosion. My jewelry is tangled and I can’t even reach my bedazzled pink cowboy hat or my assortment of tights and leggings. Using the whole closet could really complete me, its the average housewives american dream. Then I could buy a fuzzy leopard chair with pink fuzzy pillows and set it in the center of my haven and spend my time gazing at my treasure. Hey, he gets the garage, the closet would only be fair.

Our First Family Camping Trip

June 16, 2009 - 7:47 pm 2 Comments

img_0803Two weekends ago we went camping. Isn’t camping fun? The s’mores, campfire, cute red tent and smell of nature. Well…. we had all of that more. Let me start by saying that we went camping at Folsom lake, Beals Point to be exact. We didn’t trek up in to the mountains to explore the great outdoors, we drove 15 minutes up the road for our great expedition. That may have been our first mistake. We arrived early Friday evening truck packed, Hartwin in the back and big grins on our face. We wanted our campsite to be out in the boonies, maybe the furthest one away. We wanted to feel alone in the wilderness where bears could attack our food and we slept with our pocket knifes. Maybe we would even get lost and have to kill a mountain lion for food to survive. Well, our spot ended up being one of the first ones on the camping loop, right next to the road. But that wasn’t the bad part. Right across from us was a Citrus Heights (ghetto town of Sacramento area) family reunion. Are you kidding me? Instead of listening to the birds, crickets and sounds of the forest, we got to thug out to all the dirty rap music we wanted. With their lowered trucks and loud sound systems blasting at all hours at night, it wasn’t quite what we expected. Then are neighbors arrived at about 10pm. Oh boy. Not sure what they were on or experimenting with but they stayed up all night jabbing away only to go to bed around 8am the next day. If we had been comfy cozy in our cute red tent, we may have been able to block it out… well, being that I haven’t been camping since high school, I forgot that no padding under your sleeping bag is pure hell. Hip bones, back bones, elbows and other bones we didn’t even know existed dug into the hard ground. My sweet husband went to Costco the net day and bought us an air mattress. I suppose camping in town has its advantages.
img_0806Day two… we are hiking and walking around the lake, eating foil meals and enough s’mores for a family of 8. Then comes the other neighbor. I would take the Eminem, 50 cent and Snoop Dogg any day over this fruit loop. For one, he was obsessed with Hartwin and kept joking that he was going to take him. Two, he told the most horrific jokes… blonde jokes, sex jokes, political jokes, and racist. He would not leave us alone. He hung at our campsite for hours. Everytime he would finally walk away to go back to his site, 5 minutes later he returned with more jokes about the “ragheads” walking by. His vodka hidden in his lipton raspberry tea bottle raised his voice 5 octaves which resulted in him shouting “Wheres the snipers” and “go back to your country” in regards to the poor Muslim and Israeli people walking by to their campsite. Luckily I was reading a book so I buried myself in that and let Justin suffer. Sorry honey. All in all, we had a great time, learned how to pitch a tent, start a fire and fully enjoyed roughing it. Next time I think we will actually go out of our area to camp, somewhere that’s too far for Citrus Heights people to go to. img_0792nn

Facebook Pandemic

June 4, 2009 - 4:41 pm No Comments

Sorry for slacking on the blog guys, facebook has taken presidence lately. That darn facebook, sucks you right in. I think I am also addicted to the quizs they have on there.. like ‘how blonde are you?’, ‘what animal are you’, ‘what color is your aura?’ and ‘how redneck are you?’… by the way I scored ‘total redneck, don’t ask me how but I guess it’s growing up in Loomis. Today I took ‘What dog are you?’ and found out I’m most like a beagle. Geez…. why couldn’t I be like a wolf? A measly little pestering beagle is hardly something I was going for. There are some good things about facebook though, I have reunited with old friends and have been meeting up with a few. It’s always fun to reminisce back to elementary school or high school. Plus I am not a phone person.. I actually hate talking on the phone, so facebook works perfectly. A quick hi, how are ya, no 30 minute phone call necessary. So, on to another subject… gosh there is so much going on, where to begin (actually I have nothing)… Tonight my friend Lisa is coming over for a sewing party. haha, I guess that sounds pretty lame but I assure it will be most entertaining. I will be sewing hair clips onto her hair extension while watching Twilight and eating huge amounts of candy. I know I know, you all are wishing I had invited you but I really need peace and quiet when I watch Twilight and lust over Robert Pattinson. So one other person is all I can do. Gosh that man is amazing… Rob, Robby, Robert… my heart be still….