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Welcome Banner

June 24, 2010 - 3:30 pm No Comments

Well we are almost there! Time flies when your having fun! Just kidding, time hasn’t flown and this has definitely not been fun! I learned at the doctor’s this week that I am dialated to almost a 2 and that her head couldn’t be any lower or it would be out! My doctor, bless her heart said she didn’t want me to go overdue because the baby would get too big! So now I am very relieved to know I won’t be going 2 weeks overdue. Praise the Lord. She has got to be running out of room in there! Here at the Dickmeyer household we are getting very antsy and impatient. Today I spent my time making Miss Violet a Welcome banner, check it out:IMG_0177[1]IMG_0178[1]IMG_0179[1]IMG_0181[1]IMG_0182[1]IMG_0183[1]IMG_0184[1]IMG_0185[1]