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Workin’ Out with Baby

October 29, 2010 - 3:22 pm No Comments

Yesterday Violet and I went to a postpartum sculpting class and had a blast. My friend Jaquie invited us, she has a cute new baby girl Avery. It was at Herself Moms in Roseville. The place is so cute and totally fun. They have prenatal yoga, massages, lactation services and postpartum classes. It was so cool to meet a bunch of other moms with babies around the age of Violet. They have lots of swings, bouncy chairs and jumpers to keep the little ones happy while the moms sweat it out. It was just nice to be somewhere were it doesn’t matter if your baby is crying, because other babies are crying too! If you need to nurse during the class you can just do it right there on your yoga mat. Love it. It was dress your baby in their Halloween costume or outfit day with a potluck lunch after. Violet’s costume is kinda big and fluffy so I put her in a Halloween outfit. She looked adorable. She did great, she sat in the jumper for most the class and only got fussy at the end. I’m thinking about doing the class on Mondays and Thursdays for awhile, I really enjoyed it. Tuesday and Thursday my mother-in-law watches Violet on her lunch break so I can workout, and Justin works half days Fridays so he watches her while I work out too. I’ve lost all the baby weight so now I’m just working on getting my tummy back to the way it was. Boy is it hard work. I’m not one to watch what I eat so I’m sure thats not helping. Oh well.

Halloween Cutie- I made her some leg warmers with ruffles

Had to add some ruffles to the butt too!

Feelin’ Better

October 27, 2010 - 10:09 am No Comments

Last post I was talking about how Violet is not sleeping through the night lately and it kinda had me worried. I have started reading a book called “The No-Cry Sleep Solution- Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night” and now I am feeling a little better. This book is awesome and I highly suggest my new mom friends get it! Right off the bat it starts talking about realistic expectations. It says most babies wake during the night two to three times a night up to 6 months, once or twice up to a year and once a night from one to two years old. It also says sleeping 5 consecutive hours is considered sleeping through the night for a baby. Jeezo, why does everyone think babies should sleep through the night at two or three months!? Instead of freaking out that Violet is not normal I now feel confident that she is infact, very normal. It also discusses how experts say that a baby may not only want but need one or two night feedings up to 9 months old. Some children get very hungry after 4 hours even when sleeping. Anyways, these were just some key points I thought I would share. I feel alot better about her sleeping habits and am excited to read the rest of the book. First on the list, get her to start taking longer naps during the day… my little cat napper.

loves her morning cartoons

sleeping- not what she does best, looking adorable- def. what she does best

Tired Mama

October 25, 2010 - 6:26 pm No Comments

Boy am I tired. Violet hasn’t slept through the night for awhile now. At about 9 weeks she slept through the night for like 2 weeks straight and then on and off after that usually only waking once if at all. For about a week now she has waking numerous times, sometimes as early as 10 pm (she goes down at 7 every night like clockwork). I feed her a little and put her back down so atleast that part goes quick. I’m not sure why she hasn’t been sleeping, maybe she isn’t comfortable in her swing any longer. I am thinking it’s about time to try the crib out. I’m pretty scared to try it though incase she ends up crying all night. Plus I love being able to just look over and see her sleeping and to be able to make sure shes breathing. Also it makes it easy for middle of the night feedings to just lean over, grab her and sit on the edge of the bed to feed her. Her room is right across from us so I guess it shouldn’t be too bad. I think at 4 months I’ll attempt the crib, which is less than 2 weeks away. Wish me luck!

hanging out with daddy while we clean the garage

watching scooby doo

Apple Hill

October 21, 2010 - 3:28 pm No Comments

Last weekend we took Violet to Apple Hill. We had so much fun with her. Justin carried her around most the day in the Bjorn which she loved. Her neck is finally strong enough for her to face outward so she can see whats going on all around. I can’t wait till next year when she can try a caramel apple!

Worst Mother on the Block

October 21, 2010 - 11:03 am 1 Comment

Today has been the worst day. It all started with Max my crazy german shepherd jumping on me and getting mud all over my clean pants. This is a daily occurrence yet it infuriates me each time. Then it got really bad. I might even receive an award for the worst mother of all time. Violet fell off the couch. Yes its true, I am horrible and left my baby on the couch unattended. I do it every morning, why I ask was it any different today. I set her in the boppy semi propped up on the couch and went into the kitchen to make some toast. She has been trying to sit herself up lately and I think thats what happened. She somehow tumbled over the side of the boppy off the couch onto the cold hard hardwood floor. I heard a loud thunk and screaming. I think my heart stopped. There she lay flat on her back, screaming bloody murder probably wondering how her mother could allow this to happen. I had a panic attack and did what any other girl would do, I called my mom. So anyways, I ended up talking to the doctor and everything is fine. She is acting normal and as happy as can be. I have to keep an eye on her today and she may get some bruises but my precious angel is just fine. So I pretty much feel like a terrible horrible mom. This was worse than the time I locked her in the car in the Walmart parking lot when she was 3 weeks old and the firetruck came with sirens blazing. Good thing babies are so forgiving. From now on Miss V will be left in the swing or on the floor on a blanket, no more couch!

my little chunk

eating her hands, her favorite activity

her new jumper.. her feet don't reach the ground yet but she likes all the sounds and lights it has

doesn't get much cuter than this

Love Her

October 16, 2010 - 11:08 am 1 Comment

How bout some pics to put a smile on your face, how can you not be happy looking at this little ball of fun!

argyle and red patent shoes... to die for!

mommy and me matching moccasin boots.. love this pic

look at that coordination- holding her rattle

daddys girl

loves bath time- splashes so much she soaks the whole kitchen! think its time to switch to the bathroom!

her face makes me melt

makes me want a matching hooded towel

love this big bald head

her shirt got stuck on her big noggin

so glam!


October 7, 2010 - 10:17 am No Comments

Little princess is such a drooler now. She has been having to wear a bib everyday because her shirt gets soaked. Good thing I made like 5o bibs. I think she might be teething but I’m not sure. She is getting to be so much fun lately. I can see her her little personality starting to come out. My favorite is when she wimpers and cries and you just know she’s faking it. I can usually smile at her and tell her she’s just fine and she usually starts laughing or smiling in the middle of her wimpers. It’s pretty funny. She’s a big faker! She has also figured out how to use her hands and pulls her bib, shirt and blanket over her head. She can even hold a rattle for a little bit. She usually just clonks herself in the head though. When she gets really tired she clasps her hands together in front of her body, Justin says she is saying her prayers.. ha ha. I have been buying her new clothes lately because she is now pretty much too small for most newborn and 0-3 sizes. I love shopping for her, I go a little crazy. Winter clothes for babies are just too cute. For those of you that haven’t heard of and you gotta check them out. I have gotten some rad deals on their. I buy most her stuff at old navy, cheap and oh so cute! Before she was born I bought like 25 pairs of shoes for her… I’m now learning they don’t stay on her feet. I can barely get socks to stay on her feet!

my little drooler

cutest smile ever

hoods on babies are my fav.

how funny is this bib.. I love bacon cheese burgers so I'm bankin on her lovin them too

new dress with matching headband

one of my new fav headbands.. think its big enough?