Love Her

October 16, 2010 - 11:08 am 1 Comment

How bout some pics to put a smile on your face, how can you not be happy looking at this little ball of fun!

argyle and red patent shoes... to die for!

mommy and me matching moccasin boots.. love this pic

look at that coordination- holding her rattle

daddys girl

loves bath time- splashes so much she soaks the whole kitchen! think its time to switch to the bathroom!

her face makes me melt

makes me want a matching hooded towel

love this big bald head

her shirt got stuck on her big noggin

so glam!

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  1. Katie Rees Says:

    Cute! I love her shoes and her bald head. I’m a sucker for bald babies! My sister says, a well dressed baby is the best accessory, and I couldn’t agree more. Violet is a great accessory!

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