Tired Mama

October 25, 2010 - 6:26 pm No Comments

Boy am I tired. Violet hasn’t slept through the night for awhile now. At about 9 weeks she slept through the night for like 2 weeks straight and then on and off after that usually only waking once if at all. For about a week now she has waking numerous times, sometimes as early as 10 pm (she goes down at 7 every night like clockwork). I feed her a little and put her back down so atleast that part goes quick. I’m not sure why she hasn’t been sleeping, maybe she isn’t comfortable in her swing any longer. I am thinking it’s about time to try the crib out. I’m pretty scared to try it though incase she ends up crying all night. Plus I love being able to just look over and see her sleeping and to be able to make sure shes breathing. Also it makes it easy for middle of the night feedings to just lean over, grab her and sit on the edge of the bed to feed her. Her room is right across from us so I guess it shouldn’t be too bad. I think at 4 months I’ll attempt the crib, which is less than 2 weeks away. Wish me luck!

hanging out with daddy while we clean the garage

watching scooby doo

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