Feelin’ Better

October 27, 2010 - 10:09 am No Comments

Last post I was talking about how Violet is not sleeping through the night lately and it kinda had me worried. I have started reading a book called “The No-Cry Sleep Solution- Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night” and now I am feeling a little better. This book is awesome and I highly suggest my new mom friends get it! Right off the bat it starts talking about realistic expectations. It says most babies wake during the night two to three times a night up to 6 months, once or twice up to a year and once a night from one to two years old. It also says sleeping 5 consecutive hours is considered sleeping through the night for a baby. Jeezo, why does everyone think babies should sleep through the night at two or three months!? Instead of freaking out that Violet is not normal I now feel confident that she is infact, very normal. It also discusses how experts say that a baby may not only want but need one or two night feedings up to 9 months old. Some children get very hungry after 4 hours even when sleeping. Anyways, these were just some key points I thought I would share. I feel alot better about her sleeping habits and am excited to read the rest of the book. First on the list, get her to start taking longer naps during the day… my little cat napper.

loves her morning cartoons

sleeping- not what she does best, looking adorable- def. what she does best

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