Workin’ Out with Baby

October 29, 2010 - 3:22 pm No Comments

Yesterday Violet and I went to a postpartum sculpting class and had a blast. My friend Jaquie invited us, she has a cute new baby girl Avery. It was at Herself Moms in Roseville. The place is so cute and totally fun. They have prenatal yoga, massages, lactation services and postpartum classes. It was so cool to meet a bunch of other moms with babies around the age of Violet. They have lots of swings, bouncy chairs and jumpers to keep the little ones happy while the moms sweat it out. It was just nice to be somewhere were it doesn’t matter if your baby is crying, because other babies are crying too! If you need to nurse during the class you can just do it right there on your yoga mat. Love it. It was dress your baby in their Halloween costume or outfit day with a potluck lunch after. Violet’s costume is kinda big and fluffy so I put her in a Halloween outfit. She looked adorable. She did great, she sat in the jumper for most the class and only got fussy at the end. I’m thinking about doing the class on Mondays and Thursdays for awhile, I really enjoyed it. Tuesday and Thursday my mother-in-law watches Violet on her lunch break so I can workout, and Justin works half days Fridays so he watches her while I work out too. I’ve lost all the baby weight so now I’m just working on getting my tummy back to the way it was. Boy is it hard work. I’m not one to watch what I eat so I’m sure thats not helping. Oh well.

Halloween Cutie- I made her some leg warmers with ruffles

Had to add some ruffles to the butt too!

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