Graduatin’ to the Crib

November 5, 2010 - 10:18 am No Comments

Violet has slept in her crib for two nights in a row now, hallelujah! As I mentioned before she hasn’t been sleeping well at all so I figured maybe she wasn’t comfortable in her swing anymore. I put her in the bassinet Monday and Tuesday night to see if it made a difference. The first night she only woke a few times, the second night though was terrible. She woke up every hour. The next day I felt like a zombie, I was back to feeling like I did when she was first born. Not fun. Pure exhaustion. So Wednesday night I did our normal routine, pajamas on at 6, go upstairs around 6:30 or 7 (depending on how fussy she is), put on her sleep sack and nurse her. She has been fighting going to sleep the past few weeks and keeps waking up after like 15 minutes and I have to start all over. So she did this a few times, I just kept taking her out of the crib and nursing her a little, then putting her back down when she is almost asleep. She ended up sleeping till 12:30, quick nurse session, woke again at 2 and then slept till 7:45. Not bad at all! So last night I did it again. She did have trouble going to sleep, she had a tummy ache which she gets alot of. It took me about an hour to finally get her asleep. I heard a few cries on the moniter within 30 minutes or so but let her be and she went back to sleep. Good news.. she slept all night! yay! I can’t believe how good she is doing in the crib. I really think she was feeling too crowded in the swing and bassinet. She can stretch out now. I am not expecting her to sleep all night every night but it was a good start. I was really worried that she would hate the crib, so far she loves it! Now I need to work on getting her to take naps there. She has a few times but she really loves naps in her carseat. I still need to finish the book I’m reading on sleeping, so I’m sure I’ll have lots of good stuff to implement after that. We are on our way!

1st night in her crib!

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